Texting While Driving Laws For Safer Roads

One of the most popular claims of airline companies is that it is safer to ride an airplane than to ride a car. Despite the many arguments against this claim, it still puts more focus on road safety. How safe are our roads really? The growing number of car accidents is one of the main reasons for texting while driving laws.

When it comes to safety while driving, one of the things that is rapidly being given attention is the habit of many drivers to text while driving. Unfortunately, the prevalence of cellular phone use and drivers’ tendency to abuse its use has given rise to yet another driving hazard. This habit and the numerous accidents caused by it have prompted many states to implement texting while driving laws.

Currently, there is no national law that bans texting or using one’s cellular phone while driving. Nevertheless, some states took the initiative to create their own texting while driving laws because of the serious implications of such activities.

All Cell Phone Ban

Some states implement a ban on all cellular phones while driving but only for school bus drivers and novice drivers. No state currently implements a ban on all cellular phones while driving for all drivers. Right now, 29 states, including D.C., ban all kinds of cellular phone use by novice drivers. Novice drivers are generally categorized as those below 18 or those who only have a learner or provisional license. On the other hand, 18 states and D.C. ban school bus drivers from all cell phone use when there are passengers onboard.

Handheld Cell Phone Ban

Despite the absence of any state banning all use of cellular phones, there are laws in eight states, D.C., and the Virgin Islands prohibiting all drivers from using handheld cell phones while driving. This means that the only option is to use hands-free devices.

Text Messaging

Even if not too many states implement an all cellular phone ban or a handheld cell phone ban, more states implement texting while driving laws. Currently, text messaging is banned in 30 states, D.C., and Guam, while additional 8 states have banned text messaging for novice drivers and 2 states have banned text messaging for school bus drivers.


For some states who implement texting while driving laws or other laws regarding cell phone use while driving, there are exemptions to the law. Some allow texting or the use of cell phones while the car is parked or stopped and in neutral.

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