Ireland Travel Deals

Ireland is a beautiful country with a rich and diverse history. Its roots can be traced back to the time before England became England. The legends of leprachauns and other fairy types come from Ireland. It is a land bathed in mystery – as well as poignant history. The gorgeous sights and friendly people of Ireland attract tourists from around the world. But the other thing that attracts the tourists to Ireland is its attractive travel deals. Ireland travel deals cover all the things you can long for in a vacation, which makes them irresistible. So don?t hesitate to pack your bags and avail yourself of the best deals right away.

The travel deals take care of everything from luxurious amenities and services to food and supplies according to your personal interest and requirements. These travel deals not only make your trip less expensive, but also save you time and trouble when planning your vacation. Most travel packages are all-inclusive deals, covering airfare, accommodation, food and sightseeing. The deals might include some neighboring cities as well.

Though attractive deals are available throughout the year, the best deals can be seen around the time of Christmas and New Year?s. Before you select a particular travel deal from an agent or Website, make sure you look for any hidden costs in the deal, including taxes and tips. Also, make sure the facilities they offer meet your personal requirements. A little bit of carefulness while selecting travel deal will definitely be very helpful in making your trip complete and hassle free.

Thinking Visually

The vast majority of what most tech writers produce is words. Words can tell nearly everything you need to convey. Someone sees your words. They read them, and they understand. Very often, of course, you’ll add graphics to illustrate or emphasize the words. More often than not, though, in a well written document, the words can carry the message even without the illustrations.

But visuals are necessary, too. Just as it’s unlikely that you’d try to write a report or business communication without words, it’s just as unlikely that you’d write a training manual or a user guide without illustrations. It a normal part of a writer’s job to use graphics to support words. Sometimes, there is more space on the page taken up by graphics than words. Still, the normal approach of a writer is to start with words because so often that’s all that’s necessary.

But not always.

There’s a large market in tech writing for people who write scripts. I’m not referring to movie, TV, or theatre scripts. Those are normally the venue of professionals in one of those particular media. But, closely related to them are scripts for non-entertainment-oriented live and video presentations. These can include speeches, training, product presentation, demonstrations, and any other type of information that needs to be presented to an audience either live or on film – or tape, depending on the medium. While this is a specialized type of tech writing, it’s something that nearly any good writer can do. It just means that you need to learn some specific techniques and vocabulary associated with the visual media.

The first thing a scriptwriter has to do is get good at thinking in images as well as words – sometimes even before the words. You’re creating a combination of words and pictures, and it’s basic to good script development to know when to let one or the other carry the program’s message. There may be important sections or even whole scripts that contain very little spoken copy. The visuals will convey the message alone or in combination with appropriate audio.

Seeing and Hearing

It’s in the nature of learning that most people who have normal senses of sight and hearing learn faster through seeing something than they do by through hearing. Consider a typical situation. You’re explaining something to another person. It may be directions to another part of the building or an event that took place somewhere else. As you speak, the chances are almost certain that you’re using your hands to gesture. You’ll naturally draw pictures in the air as you explain. People even do this when they’re talking to someone who can’t see them. The illustrative gestures make the words clear even to the person speaking them. If you’re giving somewhat complicated directions, it’s not unlikely that you’ll use paper and pencil to draw a map – or even draw it in the air with your finger. It’s simply easier to tell someone something if you can also show it. Someone is reading and says to you, “What does s-c-i-s-s-o-r spell?” You think for a moment and then say, “Let me write it down.” The word you didn’t recognize when you only heard the letters becomes obvious when you see it.

Pictures First

The most important question in this genre is, “Why am I writing a video or live presentation script instead of a document?” The reason is because the audience will see first and hear second. Remember in elementary school, it was show and tell, not tell and show. Developing a “performance” sequence means thinking pictures first.

It’s not just a matter of thinking of appropriate visuals to go with the words. It’s thinking of the visuals before you think of the words. Because, as writers, we’re so used to putting our thoughts and ideas into words on paper, we’re inclined to begin that way with a visual presentation. First, we think, we’ll write the “script” and then put the pictures with it, pretty much the way you would writing a brochure, travelogue, or user manual. And that’s the wrong way round. The idea is not to add visual to words, but to add words to visuals.

General to Specific

You write that someone is sitting in a chair, and the image in your mind and the picture in another other person’s mind are likely to be totally different. When you write ‘chair,’ you have an image in your mind of a chair. But it will be only one specific chair. You can’t picture chairs in general or visualize the ‘concept’ of a chair. Even if you say ‘throne,’ that narrows it down only a little. You want to limit what the other person ‘sees’ as you explain in the shortest, simplest way. When your work begins by developing images, you translate your ideas from the general to the specific. It’s difficult to generalize in pictures. You are forced to be specific.


A popular technique when a visual presentation is being developed is for someone to create a storyboard. A storyboard is actually a simplified visual representation of what the finished presentation is going to look like. It usually consists of a series of rough sketches arranged in sequence so the ‘flow’ of the presentation can be displayed in visual terms. There’s also some descriptive comments, narration, or dialogue with each sketch. It often looks a lot like a comic strip.

You won’t always need a storyboard. There’s no reason, for example, to draw a picture of a narrator talking to the camera. But there are some reasons that it’s worth it to work up a storyboard. For one thing, it makes it easier to convey your ideas and vision for presentation to a client or someone who might have trouble visualizing the action from the words alone. It can also save time trying to explain a complex image or series of events to a stage manager, director, or camera operator. Even the narrator talking to the camera may have on a costume, it’s easier to show than describe. And, as a bonus, it’s a very effective way of training yourself to think visually since it forces you to show precisely what you want instead of talking about it.

Picture a Wide Shot

As a professional tech writer, you want to broaden the services you can offer. Imagine that you’re asked to write a brief report on the need for a training manual. After you do that, because you have a good idea of what needs to be in the manual, you’re asked to create the manual. Now you’ve shown and described every aspect of the procedure. When it’s decided to make a training video or prepare a live demonstration on the subject, you’re the logical choice to write the script. Picture this: There’s you cashing another check for writing about the same content again and again.

The Impact Of Home Field Advantage And Altitude On Professional Sports Performance

Sports fans, coaches, general managers, team owners, players, sports journalists, odds makers and gamblers are always trying to determine the factors which allow a team to have an edge or an advantage when they compete against their respective opponents.

Variables that they include in their analysis include: winning streaks, records against their opponent, points allowed, points scored, turnovers, errors, key match ups, the weather, playing indoors vs. playing outside, travel, quality of coaching, team experience,

age of players, injuries and the outcome of the last meeting between the teams.

Carlton Chin, my colleague and the coauthor of one my books, ran the numbers for home field advantage. Over an extended period of time (several decades), the data indicates that teams do win more often at home than they do on the road.

In the NFL, for example, the home team wins 57.3% percent of the time.

In major league baseball, home teams win 53.9% of the time.

Where the NBA is concerned, the home team wins 60.5% of the time.

The success at home can be attributed to the impact of the crowd, getting favorable calls from the officials, and the players being in familiar surroundings.

To study home field advantage for individual teams – and to adjust for stronger and weaker teams – we compare team records at home versus their records away. Over the longer-term time-frame, we see that NFL teams win 57.3% of the time at home, thus winning 42.7% on the road – for a 14.6% difference. Similarly, we see that the difference for baseball is 53.9% – 46.1% = 7.8%, and for the NBA: 60.5% – 39.5% = 21.0%.

When you add high altitude to the mix, it is clear that teams that are based in Denver may have a significant advantage over their opponents. According to Carlton Chin’s research the Rockies, the Nuggets and the Broncos all have strong records at home. Over the past decade, the Colorado-based teams have combined for one of the best home-field advantages of all major professional sports.

In the NBA, the Nuggets are about 30% better than the league average for home-field advantage (+27.6% home-field edge). In baseball, the Rockies almost double the league home-field advantage at +13.8%. Interestingly, the Broncos are only about average in terms of home-field advantage, at +12.5% over the past decade – although previously, the Broncos home-field advantage was notably strong.

Over the past decade, the Rockies and Nuggets have consistently placed at the top of their respective leagues in terms of home-field advantage, and in total the Colorado-based teams can boast “attitude at home,” in addition to the “altitude advantage.”

Players, coaches, physiologists and sports psychologists have noted the psychological and physiological challenges of playing in The Mile High City.

Player stamina is impacted, the ball travels through the air differently, and behaves differently than it might if the games were played at sea level. Home teams are used to these changes. Visiting teams are not.

Moreover, some believe that the Denver teams play at up pace tempo to use the “thin air” to their advantage.

In conclusion, the Mile High City is a great place to be the home team.

Real Estate Investing – A Great Way to Make Money

Since the real estate market crashed four years ago there has been a great exodus of investors. Investment in real estate has dropped. People are frightened away by what happened last time and many of the larger investors went unprotected and are now broke. All of this adds up to make it a wonderful time to get involved in learning about and earning money from this opportunity. The fact that investors still harbor irrational fears only makes it easier to get in there and make money in housing. If you’re interested in making huge profit margins on a great investment real estate is the king right now.

We’re at the Bottom of the Market.

All of the economic indicators are up, the economy is surging out of the recession and finally showing some great recovery. Recovery is a great opportunity for people like you and me to make money. It’s the best time to be involved in investing. Because the economy was so strongly affected by the crash in housing prices scared away investors and the average home buyer leaving the price of houses far below their value. Banks that foreclose on houses have to sell them quick to recuperate as much of their investment as they can. House prices are at the lowest they are ever going to be and the best place to get into a market is at the bottom. As unemployment falls in the coming months and businesses start to breathe again house sales are going to increase to great lengths. The market is so low at the moment most average working people will be able to afford a move. You want to be there when they do, holding the keys to their new home and a great return on your investment.

Don’t Delay.

You won’t be able to get in on this opportunity in a year or two. real estate investment is a fast market. If you want to make money you need to be a positive person and say “I will, and I’ll do it today!”. Big investors are already buying up property looking to turn it around for a huge profit in a couple of months, they will want to hold on to it until then so you have to get in now to get a piece of that market. This could be your path to a golden future, are you brave enough to take it?

Loss of Pet Dog – 5 Tips on Working Through Denial and Shock of a Pet’s Death

Most people find that after having a dog join their life and household, they will develop a very strong and extraordinary bond with their pet. A dog loves you simply because you love them, will not judge you, does not hold it against you when reprimanded, and can become a remarkable companion. Because of this strong relationship, after experiencing the loss of a pet dog, the grief and anguish is heartfelt. An initial reaction to the death of a dog or other pet you have grown close to is usually denial and/or shock.

Denial and shock are normal and healthy responses to finding out a pet has died, particularly if the death was sudden. You can also have these feelings even before a pet dies. You may have difficulty accepting that your pet has a severe illness or been seriously hurt. Feeling numb, bewildered, and overwhelmed all serve as a cushion after something so unexpected has occurred.

Realizing that you are feeling grief, and then dealing with it will help restore you and allow you to move on with your life. The grieving process can take a long time to get through, but, will gradually lessen its’ grip.

If you can express the grief you feel after the loss of your pet dog or other animal you have grown to love and cherish, the times it takes to heal will be shortened. It will help to talk to someone you feel close to, however, the following five tips also involve taking some kind of action:

1) write a story or poem about your pet

2) make a photo album with pictures of your pet

3) plant flowers in your pet’s memory

4) take a photo of your pet to an artist to create a likeness for you – stained glass, painting, needlework, sculpture)

5) put your pet’s identification tag on your key chain

Grieving a pet loss is a process that usually takes from a few months to a year. By working through the initial feelings of shock and denial, you will be on the road to working through all the feelings that are involved in a loss, and gradually come to accepting the death.

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Bad Credit Personal Loans – Easy Loan Scheme For Poor Credit Holders

The easiest way of generating money for immediate and urgent requirements comes from the source of loans. Any individual can apply for a loan from banks, financial institutions and lending firms but sometimes, this convenience is hindered because of your low credit rating. However, fortunately our finance market is not ready to offer any kind of restrictions to the populace and hence, for all those borrowers who are suffering from bad credit history and want to avail a loans, the option of bad credit personal loans is introduced to curb their economic problems.

What has actually facilitated the popularity of bad credit personal loans is its existence in both the forms of secured and unsecured loans. Unsecured loan range is available for those borrowers who do not have any security to place as equity against their loan. On the other hand, those borrowers who wish to make a huge loan demand and are ready to offer decent collateral can opt for the secured form. Ideally, home, property, jewelry, automobile and other such valuable assets are considered as good collateral options. Nowadays, more and more number of people are opting for the quick monetary solution of bad credit personal loans because of its simple and lucid terms and conditions. In order to avail this loan plan, a borrower is simply expected to be an adult and should have a definite source of income, so that the lender gets convinced with his repayment ability.

The entire range of bad credit personal loans is smartly designed for poor credit holders. These loans offer a handsome amount to the borrowers at a very low and affordable rate of interest. Moreover, the loan amount you retrieve under this option is completely free from the clutches of the lender and thus, can be used for any kind of purpose such as clearing your already existing debts or paying your child’s higher education fees. However, on the contrary, it is important for the borrower to shop intelligently for this loan in the finance market, so that he can have the benefit of selecting a good, reliable and suitable loan deal. For this purpose, one either use the medium of internet or else, can form contacts with a good finance consultancy which is associated with reputed lending agencies of the finance world.

Finally, let us talk about the application procedure of bad credit personal loans. Unlike traditional loan services, this loan scheme has cut down on the extensive and grueling loan processing mechanism. A borrower is simply required to fill up the online application form that is available on the website of his preferred lender. The application form is short and easy to understand. However, if still you encounter any problem in understanding the requirements and clauses of the form, you can immediately get in touch with the customer care division. The executives will make all possible efforts to answer your queries in an appropriate manner. Hence, now when everything can be executed from the comfort of your home, do not take long to apply for this loan and instantly serve you purpose in a fruitful way.

Work at Home Business – The Ideal Lifestyle For Many People

A work at home business is the ideal lifestyle for many people. They have no boss, so they can start and stop work as they please. Their wage is made from their own efforts, so there’s no hourly rate as such. And of course, there’s the satisfaction of knowing that you have achieved it all alone.

That’s not always the picture though. There are plenty of work at home business ventures that collapse in a fairly short time. There are many reasons for this and there is rarely just a single reason that is responsible. The lack of business experience usually comes high up on the list. The lack of discipline is another; many people lose focus and don’t push themselves hard enough.

A work at home business can be based around any number of things. Internet marketing of course is probably the most popular type of work at home business to be found today. It can be very easy to set up with little costs involved. It can become very profitable in a surprisingly short time too.

Despite all that, there are thousands who take up Internet marketing with stars in their eyes, and who end up puzzled a few months later when they fail to make one red cent. They see people all around them doing really well; they hear stories of fast sports cars, exotic vacations in faraway places, of mansions – all bought with the profits from Internet marketing. Yet they have nothing to show for their efforts. Why?

Sometimes it’s difficult to know why one can succeed while another only fails. Much of the reason has to do with attitude. A determined, persistent nature will usually win through.

Remember Edison and the light bulb? The story goes something like this: A news reporter on learning that Edison had tried 10,000 times to develop a usable light bulb and failed asked Edison how he felt about all these failures. “Failures?” inquired Edison. “I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

That’s persistence! You may be reading this article by the light of an incandescent light bulb – an Edison invention, in other words, for he finally succeeded through his grim determination and persistence. If you can have that kind of single-minded goal, you too can create your own highly successful work at home business.

The Internet is littered with ideas of which way to go to start a work at home business. It’s always best to follow a successful model, someone who has traveled the road and done well. Being a trail blazer is all very well, but you are going to be the one who finds all the stumbling blocks. Better to let someone else find them instead.

Where should you start? Try looking at some review sites. These are the kind of sites that review all sorts of programs that claim they can set you on the road to riches. Try to find as unbiased a site as possible and not one where the owner of the site has a vested interest in you investing in a particular program. Look around as much as you can for other similar information and don’t be swayed by hype. Good work at home business offers do exist, so stay focused and you will find them.

Texting While Driving Laws For Safer Roads

One of the most popular claims of airline companies is that it is safer to ride an airplane than to ride a car. Despite the many arguments against this claim, it still puts more focus on road safety. How safe are our roads really? The growing number of car accidents is one of the main reasons for texting while driving laws.

When it comes to safety while driving, one of the things that is rapidly being given attention is the habit of many drivers to text while driving. Unfortunately, the prevalence of cellular phone use and drivers’ tendency to abuse its use has given rise to yet another driving hazard. This habit and the numerous accidents caused by it have prompted many states to implement texting while driving laws.

Currently, there is no national law that bans texting or using one’s cellular phone while driving. Nevertheless, some states took the initiative to create their own texting while driving laws because of the serious implications of such activities.

All Cell Phone Ban

Some states implement a ban on all cellular phones while driving but only for school bus drivers and novice drivers. No state currently implements a ban on all cellular phones while driving for all drivers. Right now, 29 states, including D.C., ban all kinds of cellular phone use by novice drivers. Novice drivers are generally categorized as those below 18 or those who only have a learner or provisional license. On the other hand, 18 states and D.C. ban school bus drivers from all cell phone use when there are passengers onboard.

Handheld Cell Phone Ban

Despite the absence of any state banning all use of cellular phones, there are laws in eight states, D.C., and the Virgin Islands prohibiting all drivers from using handheld cell phones while driving. This means that the only option is to use hands-free devices.

Text Messaging

Even if not too many states implement an all cellular phone ban or a handheld cell phone ban, more states implement texting while driving laws. Currently, text messaging is banned in 30 states, D.C., and Guam, while additional 8 states have banned text messaging for novice drivers and 2 states have banned text messaging for school bus drivers.


For some states who implement texting while driving laws or other laws regarding cell phone use while driving, there are exemptions to the law. Some allow texting or the use of cell phones while the car is parked or stopped and in neutral.

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Residential Investment – Be Careful

Investing in residential property is the recent trend into the financial market. Residential properties have always yield better profitability than the commercial properties. The venture of residential properties is always in high demand due to the rapid growth in population around the globe. It has been always observed that the available accommodations are always less compared to the existing populace.

The younger generation of today would get matured tomorrow, get married and look for their own house. The ratio of property is not increasing the way population increases as a result the residential properties are always into the booming demand. If there is any surplus available fund, instead depositing into the bank for a minor rate of interest it would be always advisable to invest into some meaningful residential properties. Just lease the property to some good real estate agents and make the provision for your comfortable living out of the hefty leasing amount. It could be a rich and healthy source of permanent income for you.

A property on a prime location would be a preferred choice of many leasing agents. Instead of handling the maintenance of the property from your pocket, it would be better to hand it over to any real estate agent and he would take good care of your property as a well maintained property would be a first choice of any tenant. Your property would be well maintained at their cost and they would also offer you a sizable amount regularly for a comfortable living. The property agent would find some long term good tenant to offer him your property and your income for that duration is highly secure.

Canterbury services have brought a new concept into property investment and how to make better meals of living from the residential investment Brisbane. They have shown how to make a better investment of your hard earned money into the meaningful investment of residential property. Investment into shares and other equity would not always generate a stable means of income for you but investing into residential property would always be fruitful.

The right investment would always get an overflow of profit without disturbing your original investment or capital. It would be always better to invest the fund than blocking it for lower yielding and limited source of income. If you deal with the property, you have to pay heavy taxes for each deal and all your earning and time is just being wasted into a less profitable venture. Leasing out the property would always be a better option. If you have debt to settle with the limited source of income, the debt would chew your entire fund. Better to settle and free from any debt than having money with debts to be settle.

Awasome Educational Game-Based Learning Effectiveness – Gamified Learning Assessment Ideas

Awasome Educational Game-Based Learning Effectiveness – Gamified Learning Assessment Ideas. Web by customizing different levels, challenges, and paths, gamified learning can create a more personalized learning experience that meets the needs and. Web the use of video games in teaching practice is studied multifaceted, along with formats and requirements of educational game, methods for effectiveness.

Gamification vs. Gamebased Learning from Mad About ELT. gamification
Gamification vs. Gamebased Learning from Mad About ELT. gamification from

This technique can help the students increase student’s potention and quality to get the knowledge. Web the objectives of this study are to assess the existing evidence about how gbl and gamification have affected the variables studied in each investigation over the. Based on the theory of gamified.

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